Looking for Marketing Ideas


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Hello Everyone,

I'm primarily a P & C agent, but also do a fair amount of Commercial. Very little health, LTC. Also, Series 6 & 63 licensed.

Would anyone like to share their most successful MARKETING program for ANY line of business?

I will submit my best Marketing idea shortly.

Thank you one and all.

One thing I've noticed about the marketing geniuses on this site.... full of smart ass replies and they've got the highest post count. On the surface, it would appear they have plenty of spare time to play on the computer. I'd bet my bonus check was larger than most of their total first year commissions this year !
Yes, there are plenty of posts in this Forum that are definitely not intended to be productive.

However, in defense of Mr. Bill, I suspect he suspects that a setup is being put into place by a new poster to hit us with some marketing idea or other. In other words, and I apologize in advance to Gary if this is not the case, it looks a bit like a setup.

Judging by the lack of response to the original question, I also guess perhaps others see it this way as well.

So, at this point Gary can set our minds at ease and let us know Mr. Bill is wrong.
Well, I agree it is a setup, probably, but even if it's sincere, it not answerable. Very broad, general questions, tend to go unanswered on any forum.

What's your best marketing idea?
Now, how do I respond? Do you want the best idea I had, or the best idea that I implemented, or the best idea that actually worked, or the one that I'm working on now, that you'll attempt to beat me to?

Overall, the best marketing idea that I ever had, and sometimes use, is pretty simple. It's hardwork. I mean it that simply. Work hard, you'll make it in this business. Work for 2 hours a day, you'll fail.

Thanks for the input.

Ok, for example I use Voice Broadcasting to "TOUCH" my clients on a monthly basis. Sometime's it's about current events like a Tornado touching down or an Earthquake in Illinois (that's where I'm from). The earthquake Voice Broadcast explained that their Homeowners policy EXCLUDES this type of loss and they should call my office to see if they qualify to endorse it on their policy. Sold 15 Earthquake endorsements. But, mainly I provided valuable, current info.

I send Monthly newsletters with tips and stories and Buckslips for additional products. We sell something from each newsletters sent out.

I also use email's to my existing clients to send them Monthly IDEAS(TIPS) to save money, protect their home, their money, etc.

We create postcards in our office and when we want to send them out to a select group of clients or prospects, I can go onto the USPS website and upload my postcard or letter and my customer or prospect address list and the pay by credit card and the USPS prints, folds (letter) stuffs and mails my card or letter. Takes me 10 minutes and it's done.

I've got so much more that we do, but getting tired typing with 2 fingers.

I hope this shows all of you that I'm serious about marking and nurturing my clients and getting new prospects.

What I was hoping for was that people would share what they are doing that is working, producing positive results. Whether it is etting new prospects or maintaing current prospects. Cross selling is HUGE. Would love to hear what eveyone is doing, so let's start this again.

I have tried letters to subdivisions with no results. I do quality life check up (ULC) for my clients to mostly get referrals. I also ask for referals when I write an app. I may get one good lead out of 10 referals. I am also trying old fashion door knocking. It still works. Also always have business cards with you to give to anyone you give money to. Never fail to ask for the order.

Sound like a Quantum Club member !!

We do many similar marketing/nurturing systems with great results so far. We've been having excellent results with testimonial advertising and our referral program as of late. The $10 gas card to anyone who refers a friend,etc along with a $50 monthly winner is really catching on. We also have a 4"x4" photo of a client in the local paper every Monday morning edition with a small caption underneath (*** agency just saved me $425 year on my auto insurance) No other agency info. in the ad besides the name. Amazing how many people manage to look us up and give us a yell.

One of my best marketing discoveries was networking with three other top producers from our company from out of the area. We spend half a day/quarter sharing marketing ideas that have been successful.
Agreed! Ive been in the Quantum Club and the wording works ("Nurturing", for example). The biggest thing I can add to the client retention ideas (nurturing) you mentioned would be our referral program. Check your states rebating laws to figure out what will fit and what you want to do, but sending a $5 Target gift card to every one that is referred to you - the prospect HAS to call us and we ALWAYS ask who referred them- has become our primary source of new business.

Your doing the right stuff otherwise!