Losing coverage from layoff.


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My dad just got permanetly laid off from his job. My mom has mulitple sceloris (MS). She is on disability and medicare part A. I was just going to put her on an MA plan and get a drug plan. After putting her prescriptions on the medicare website to find her the best drug plan, I found horrible results. She takes a shot called avonex. It costs 2300 per month with no insurance, on the best Part D plan it would cost $400. So she would be paying $500 for her prescriptions plus co-pays for any edoc visits and MRI's and what not. I am sure cobra will cost them more than that.

Is there any where she can get her avonex shot for cheaper? If we could do that it would save a bunch of money. Thanks in advance. By the way we are in IN.
I have found that for many people with VERY expensive medications, it may be better to choose a PDP with a gap. After spending the $3,850, most prescriptions are at 5%.

The plan (or plans) that have no donut hole may cost more in the long run.

I would go to the manufacturers website and see if they have a program she can join. It is usually based on income but they may qualify. Also ask her physician if he knows of a mail order company she can work with. Sometimes the mail order is cheaper. You might also want to try the national MS assistance groups. They usually have really good resources for obtaining medication. I know in Arizona and California some people who are both disabled and lower income can qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. Usually what one doesn't cover the other will. And you get some really great supplement options. That might be something to look into.
I agree. I have a client with ALS and he gets his meds for cheap from the drug company.

He found all this out by doing a google search ALS support. Do the same with MS.

Hope things turn out for the best.
Losing Coverage from a Layoff..

As you know Montel Williams has MS. Anyway, my sister has met him numerous times as he has come in to her office for political reasons -- dealing with the costs of the medication for people that are not in his type of position. Also, he has done some work with trying to legalize marijuana for these painful purposes... I am not telling you to tell your mom to go and smoke pot... I did not want anyone to get that IDEA at ALL!

I will contact my sister and see if there is a way for her to look into funding through his organization to offset her costs and will get back with you...
Losing coverage from a layoff

I just called my sister... she is looking into a few things and will get back with me. ASAP.
Losing Coverage from Layoff..

Through the society (800- 344-4867. National Multiple Sclerosis )

There is an MS Avonex Patient Assistance Line Called:

MS Active Source: 800-456-2255.

You have to call (the patient.. ) and give them the information that you provided.. her spouse losing his job, unable to pay for medication etc.

Ask about the Patient Assistance Plan:

Then they will ask a few questions and see which area she would qualify for...

OPTIONS available:

Co-payment Assistance
Free Medication through a charitable organization
Grant Money to offset other costs involved.

Hope this HELPS!


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