Love and hate


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First off I wanted to say hello to everyone. I am new to the forum but not so new. I been a reader for quite a number of months and I finally felt the need to post. I work for a captive and do mostly P&C. In some of the other forums there are posts about internet leads. Love em sometimes and hate them most times. Contrary to what everyone else has written I have good luck with NQ here in MN. I also 2 months ago signed up with and have taken a beaten. So today I signed up with agentinsider (insweb). The leads seemed a little cheaper than insureme and they insure me (pun intended) that they don't buy from affiliates. Has anyone had any luck with them?
I have bought from insweb, but they were by far the lowest close rate. They are so bad in my area that no independent buys them. I just check and they generated 768 leads and all 768 went unsold to independents. Wow, 768. I can't beleive it is that many this month.

The problem with them is that they have instant quotes with direct company writers. So, by the time the independent gets to them you are low on the list.

Their leads are a little cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Still will not hurt to see how they work for you. They are the easiest to control lead flow and volume.

I do the best with netquote. Insureme is hit or miss. Insureme buys from a lot of other companies and affiliates. So, one month you may get good leads and the next they are really bad.
Well I guess I will give them a test run and see. Insureme was so hot for me in late Dec and early Jan. I literally was writing a few a day in some cases. Then it literally went ice cold. So cold in fact that of the last 40 leads I received I only CONTACTED 5 of them. Something fishy too...all the leads suddenly were coming in the mid afternoon. I smell an affiliate dump.

As far as the direct online competition, I think all sites do that now. There is nothing I can do. The captive I work for has the best rates in the state and if I can just talk to a person I will save them money.