Low commissions & large chargebacks



You want your mail and correspondence. Add to that all your current companies have your info. I still get stuff forwarded to me from Crump from over 20 years ago.

Oh, also try to leave on good terms. Always be professional in you emails and text. That stuff sits out there forever.
You got a lot of good advice on here. I do not need to add to what is already said. Instead, I will talk about the commission structure that most agents in the beginning do not understand. United States insurance commissions structures very convoluted compared to Canada's. In Canada it is very cut and dry. In the states, different companies' insurance products have different commission payouts.

Some commissions are higher than others depending on the product, the carrier, and the IMO/agency. Also, if a producer is told that they have a 100% commission, it means that it is 100% of the first year's premium. For example, if you sold a $100,000 insurance policy and the premiums for the year were $1000, that means you got paid $1000. If it was 50% commission and the premium for the entire year was $1000, then you got paid $500.

I have been with Captive, MLM, IMO and an MGA and in my experience the MGA that I am with has been the most fruitful. When you do your research on companies. Get an in-depth picture of their compensation, products, ownership (meaning company shares and being vested from day one). Good luck.