LTC and Annuities Scripts

I took some of your advice and hired a few telemarketers via an ad on craigslist. I got several resonses the first day (yesterday).
I am using Jamie Rice for health leads so I want to use someone else for LTC and Annuities leads... Does anyone have a script they'd like to share??
I would think it would be very difficult to cold call for annuities. With seniors being targeted with scams these days I would think a lot of them would be hesistant to set an appt with someone they have never heard of to talk about their money. Thats definetly a cross selling product for me.

LTC cold calling would seem better than annuities but will probably turn out to be alot of tire kickers.

Sorry about the negative response and not any info for you. I just need to keep my average posts per day up:D
I'd start them out with telemarketing health as well. With telemarketing, it's about getting people to see the need for the product, and quickly. People don't get that sense of urgency with annuities or LTC.

Jaime's probably not even beginning to scratch the surface of the market for you, so it probably isn't a problem to duplicate the lead type, especially if you can target different zip codes. This will also give you the ability to track what is working, and what isn't.

To me, annuities and LTC are things I go over in an 'insurance review' with my clients. Okay, actually it's a lot more indepth that that, but I try to meet with my clients once a year to do a review of their insurance program. It's a good chance to review what they currently have, and what they may need. Of course, I'm a P&C guy mostly, so changing coverages on homes and autos is much easier :) This opens the door to talking about other topics (seque to annuities.....).

Market penetration is so low for LTCi (less than 5% if I remember correctly) that I cannot see making that a profitable venture if cold calling. You will probably do better with internet leads. A friend has been using a particular source (wont say which one) for several years. Believe he pays around $18 per lead but does VERY well.

Like you, he has a legal background and has fashioned himself into an LTC expert.

He writes mostly LTCi, life & disability.

As others have said, I can't see cold calling for annuities either.

Telemarketing for health insurance is a mixed bag. Some do well, others do not.

I have never had success with telemarketed leads but that does not mean it will, or will not, work for you.