LUTC, is it worthwhile anymore?


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I was curious if any of you guys thought that LUTC or CLU, for that matter, are helpful in today's life insurance market. I've never taken either course, but I did read the LUTC books that you are given when you do take the course (they dated from the late 70's, though), and felt that the sales philosophy was very old school, to say the least. But, my books are 30 years old, so, does anyone know if they have modernized their curriculum over the years?

Thanks, Dave.
If you're going to have a career in the LIFE business then go for the CLU or ChFC designation. If you're only looking for a primer on the basics of insurance then LUTC if fine. BTW... I'm an Instructor for LUTC on the Business Course....... and hold a LUTCF designation......

The main question is which perspective are you asking this question? Yours or your future prospects? If it's your future prospects you're thinking of... no one gives a rat's a** about LUTC designations... they don't have a clue what it means....... it's like putting CIS behind my name (Certified Investment Specialist).... no one connects the dots.... so worthless.

CLU is a commonly recognized professional title and is usually know to most of your prospects..... and will certainly gain you more recognition in the long run from not only prospects by also your peers.

Did you know the American College also has a Masters program?

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