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MA Plan Deductible supplement?

My Today's Options rep told me there was a plan to help pay for the $3K ded. Maybe $20-$40 per month. Universal has a $4k ded and zero premium. That would be great around here.
Yes there is a supplement --- it just came out

Continental Care by Continental Life

pays $1000 as long as they stay in the hospital 24 hours

$120 a day for skilled nursing facility ( after first 20 days )

$60 a day for an rn -- home health nurse...

and more...

oh also no lifetime caps --- payable every 60 day period -- just like medicare..

cheap too!! also its not just for seniors -- for people ages 30 and up
so great to sell to anyone that has a deductible

through the company i am with -- they provide free leads -- they pay 50% commission 12 month advance --- not bad!!

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