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Do you guys know of any carriers that cover maternity and pre existing conditions? Have a 23 year old who is pregnant and wants coverage. I am also is Georgia
Does your wife know about the 23 year old?

Just jerking you around. But seriously . . .


In GA, half the pregnancies are covered by the taxpayer.

I realize this is a novel idea, but insurance is something you buy BEFORE you need it.
Man that was damn funny! Good one.
thanks for the medicaid tip
I appreciate it
Glad to help.

On the other issue, I have no clue what to tell your wife. That is your problem, bub . . .

I am in Atlanta. Drop me a line. Always glad to find another southerner on these boards.
I just totaled my car, are there any auto insurance companies in Georgia that will cover me

I have checked the surveillance camera's on the mother ship, and it appears you were in Colorado at the time.

I am sorry to inform you but the auto policies issued in GA have a Colorado exclusion rider.

Now if you were pregnant at the time . . .