Maybe It's Me...


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I find the Forum to be in a free-fall, quality wise.

It seems like we are being over run with commerical posts peddling;

- list providers
- telemarketing vendors
- associations

etc., etc., etc... Instead of being a good place for insurance related discourse and industry related news, gossip and discussion it's become very cluttered with adverts, as they say in England.

I specifically DO NOT mean the banner ads, which can help defray Sam's costs of running the thing.

If these folks are going to continue doing nothing here but "hawking their wares" they ought to pay Sam something...

To be honest, I do not solicit anyone here for membership - it's brought up by others here, not me and I simply reply.

I find it in bad taste to directly reply to anyone here with "buy my stuff" and you won't be able to find a single post on this board where I have ever replied to any post with "join my association."

If others would just drop it then it would be posting for me as normal - but some can't drop it so it becomes a discussion. Not my fault.

I also agree that directly soliciting business in posts is bad manners and the telemarketing and list providing companies are the biggest violators.

I do not like it when new members posts and question and the reply is "buy my ****."

Get with some members here - tell 'em to just drop the association issue and it'll go away. If they bring it up, I'll respond.
I agree that it seems to have gotten worse. Finding the gold nuggets buried in the (fill in the blank) has gotten more difficult.
Well I've recently started to try working a little less and have actually had time to read some of the posts on this forum. While I do find some of the posts very humorous I have noticed there are several new posters on here that are extremely confrontational.

I don't care if anyone pitches their product here, in fact there is an entire section dedicated to it. Just keep it in that section.

If someone pitches their products outside of that then report it to an administrator and have the post moved or deleted.

It seems like some people are bitter about some other people's business stuff. Get over it and worry about selling insurance, because selling is our JOB, not whining, that's my kid's job.
It is what it is. I control my ability to buy, or not to buy.

Solicit what they will, if I'm not interested, I'm not interested. If I'm interested, I'm interested.

So long as they don't spam me directly in any form, other than with their posts. I can always place someone on ignore if I choose.

Besides, someday I may come up with an idea for a product.