MD, DC, VA Group Health

As a general rule, all of the major group players in the MD, DC, VA region work through 6 or 7 wholesalers. For the under 50 employee market, the companies are Carefirst and Anthem (BCBS), United Healthcare, Aetna, Kaiser, Coventry and (Only in MD). Once in a while, Assurant and AMS are competitive. All the wholesalers pay 100% of carrier commissions and they all pay the carrier bonuses. Most will also work on some internal bonuses once you hit some decent numbers. (Between 1.25-2 million in premium)

What it really comes down to is service. I have looked at all of them, and know people who use others, but I swear by IMC.

If you are interested, I can give you a rundown on my experiences with the various companies.