MD Raising Taxes For Uninsured


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I just found out the other day that MD is planning to implement a new tax starting January 2008 Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition - Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative :: Working to win all Marylanders quality, affordable health care

The new tax of $1 PER PACK OF CIGARETTES will be used to fund health care for 100,000 people here in MD without coverage. Apparently their are 750,000 without health insurance in MD and the proposed $658 million dollars that is expected from this program will be utilized for 100,000 people. Perhaps my math skills are a bit rusty, but what doesn't seem right???????

I must say that I was a bit shocked that the bill got approved as I subscribe to a few publications here in the mid-atlantic area and I don't recall hearing anything about this new tax. They were probably waiting for the January issue.

MD is going back and forth about allowing people the chance to gamble in MD, yet they have no problem increasing taxes. I have a feeling that MD is headed right down the path of Mass, NJ and NY.

On a side note, this gentlemen seems to be on the right path 'Health Care Choice Act of 2007' Frees Health Insurance Hostages & Decreases Uninsured | Reuters
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This is very wrong.

A lot of the uninsured are transitional and can afford basic coverage, they choose not to. They all have cell phones, car payments, and go out to eat but can't swing a $80/mo insurance premium.

I am curious how this is "funding coverage" - what coverage? what plans? sold by who?

These idiots don't realize the more they raise tobacco tax, the less people smoke which = lower revenues, there is a balance if you tax too high you actually pull in less money.

I am not a smoking advocate by any means - but I did pass 2nd grade math. (not 3rd though...)

Socialism expanding in America - very scary stuff.
Sin taxes are considered safe taxes. CA is attempting the same thing to pay for S-CHIP. TX wants to use some of the money from a $5 cover charge to get into adult entertainment bars to fund S-CHIP.

Who gets hurt?

That is their thought process at least.

FWIW, the figures (if achieved) will fund a policy with a monthly premium of $548 per month per uninsured.

Clearly politicians have no clue about the cost of health care and health insurance. Usually they underestimate the cost. Somebody comes up with a wild idea and off they go without first checking the facts.

Politicians are stupid and so are the voters who believe anything they are told.

As for the other link, while it is true that states interfere considerably in affecting the cost (and availability) of health insurance, if consumers were allowed to shop across state lines for health insurance there is no proof costs would come down. At least temporarily, this would create a windfall for carriers operating in low cost states while carriers in high cost states would suffer. Eventually it would all balance out and we would be back where we started.

The only real way to control the cost of health insurance is to control the cost of health care. No one has come up with a workable plan yet.
While Atlantic City was pondering the concept of casinos the locals were assured that tons of money would be pumped into the locality - schools, roads, programs, etc... Go research how that turned out.

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