medadvantage plans in ohio

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Mary, why don't you try the website and get ideas from there?

Also, call up the Ohio Insur Dept, they may have an online site for you to review.

I called up MSIS but they are locked up for Ga. Since i'm orignially from Western NY, I wouldn't mind working that area when it quits snowing and blowing. (LOL)...

Thanks for heads up on Cont life .
i know i already did that

but -- i wanted to find out personally how everyone is doing in Ohio

it seems when you get the personal experience -- its a bit different from when you just call up companies and ask questions

and no problem doc -- with continental life with the care product -- i am trying to spread the word as much as possible -- i just really love the product -- and when i like something i talk and talk

just like my customers -- they talk and talk --- its all about the referrals!!

dont forget that MSIS will give you leads for the cont care product!!!!
cant beat it!!
what happened in Georgia with MSIS?
GA is not available. They have enough people to cover the territory.
Seeing as this is their home base, not a surprise.

They take forever to return phone calls. Are they screening, or are they that busy?

Jonathan definitely knows you....evidently enuf agents have called in mentioning your name. But he doesn't handle this state, so he referred me to someone else, leave a voice mail, then wait for a day before return call. Not in a hurry to recruit so demand is exceeding supply.

Are you getting on board with another agency in Ohio...? How do you find these people?
Hey Doc

if you need help with MSIS let me know -- i know Jon is out this afternoon - what i have been doing is emailing the cont life care contract to everyone so you can by pass them getting back to you -- then once you send it in to Jon then he gets it to the appropriate rep with MSIS -- if you need help let me know'

as for Ohio -- i am keeping Msis for the fmo but i am also with other companies direct -- it really depends on what i find....

how do i find these people -- normally from talking to other agents -- or from what i get in the mail, email etc etc.. word of mouth