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Hi All,

I am relatively new in the Insurance Industry. I have talked to a few students that are interested because the premiums from insurance required by school is too high. However, I looked at the requirements and they needed "medical evacuation and repatriation coverage."

I looked through a few policies and can't find any thing specifically for that coverage. Most medical evacuation and repatriation coverage are provided by assistance companies that partnered up with insurance companies for group plans only.

I was wondering if medical evacuation and repatriation could be find anywhere under individual plans or if they have another term for the coverage.

Major med plans will not have med evac & repatriation. They need a special medical policy as a supplement. You can find such plans here.
Good call on using IMG (International Medical Group). I have represented them since 1995 and have thousands of missionary clients covered with them.

If you'd like to see my site or have any questions call me for help:
Plan To Win Insurance Agency

They cover anyone, anywhere in the world and they have polices designed for foreign nationals.


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