Medicare, Life and LTC agency looking for Client management software?


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I own a Insurance brokerage agency that specializes in Medicare, Life and LTC.

I am looking for the best system (one stop shop) that is able to easily do multiple task, Client management system, Quoting software or hyperlink, phone system integration, the ability to run reports based on chosen factors, Policy storage, the ability to integrate to website, gmail, calendar, etc. I may be asking for too much but its what I want.
Please help
You can start using cloud software similar to what are using medical points. They have special online cloud storage for inserting all the data about their patients, so it makes case management considerably easier. From the beginning, I was doubting this method of storing information but after my doctor explained to me how it really works I understood that it gives a lot of advantages. First of all, I like that all your personal data is completely compromised, so only your doctors can see it. Also, I like that it allows making online consultation easier.
Cloud Based Practice Management System, WHS Health Clinic Software
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