Medicare Supplement Plan D

I havent done anything outside my contract, they didnt have indexed annuities when i started so I could go toutside to sell different comppanies. It is definetly not in my best interest to put it through GASB now because I would get half what I should.

I have not wrote any other med supps or anything that would violate my contract. I think anyway. MY boss is a dickhead and I am leaving as soon as I am vested. Its funny how they preach" you have to spend money to make money" and that fool won't do anything for us as far as leads and appoinments. He is a joke, and also a crook. Seriously he is a crook, I should have thought harder about joining him. I know that if I do leave I will have to watch my back.
IMO actually stands for "Independent Marketing Organization". I agree with the general consensus that most IMO / FMO's don't offer much to substantiate the overrides they receive. Over the years I have found that a good product will attract an agent to our organization, but good service is what keeps them. We build relationships of trust and longevity, the only way to do this is to live up to the promises given to the agent before he / she fills out the licensing paperwork. We have an in house Agent Resource Center that handles all of our agents licensing, new business, commission and claims issues. This allows the agent to remain focused on writing new business not trying to keep track of and fix pending problems. Our job is to bring added value to the relationship. We earn our overrides and value the opportunity to work with each and every one of our agents.

P.S.- We are one of the few Marketing Organizations that will release agents. If an agent has a better opportunity with another establishment, who am I to hinder his / her success? What goes around, comes around!