MedPoint Advantage

The plan is available to individuals at any age, in every state and every county who, by doctors orders, are required to check their blood glucose level and have Medicare or Medicaid. Individuals who have Medicare Advantage Plans and private insurance are also eligible to enroll.

Sounds like those Scooter companies who advertise heavily. I would imagine these folks pre-qualify their prospects and only take them on if Medicare, Medicaid will pay.
That is exactly what they ared...just like liberty...for the diabetic supplies. They will supply: monitor, test strips, lancets, and a booklet. No medicine...
I does not seem like a bad deal for people to get the supplies at no cost. They pay $25 per enrollment, which is nice for me. But the real benefit is they will pay for all this as long as they (Medpoint) can monitor the readings and help them out. They monitor via a phone line.

I have a number of diabetic clients who pay for their supplies, and if I can save them money, I can see this as a great referral source.
I received an emal from them yesterday. They are having a tele-conference on Thursday to certify on their product. That is about all I know at this time.

Sure glad I read the post first....
If I looked at the picture first I wood no b abl 2 tpe:D:D
I have signed up with them. I haven't submitted any apps yet. I have a friend who has sent an app end. I'll try to find out the status of it.
I, too have submitted my app to be appointed. It is not something that I plan on making my prime market, but just something for those who are elgible for it, since I seem to find (diabetics) almost weekly through my lead sources.

The only thing a prospect needs is medicaid, medicare or a private carrier to cover costs, (none to them). If a doctor has given a patient orders to check their levels daily, then this will qualify them to receive this coverage. That's just what I have read and have been told by on of their reps.
I'm contracted with them. They ARE NOT a supply co. like Liberty. They are a chronic conditions management co. They seem to be very innovative. They're monitor has a reciever the user plugs in every night that uploads the glucose levels into a matrix(?) which will create an alert if thier levels are unstable. Dr.s have access to this database as well as patients. They do get thier supplies at no cost like through Liberty, but they have a different catoragory through medicare. Not only that anyone with health ins. and diabetes can enroll.