MEGA pays as promised!

"Yes Sir, I understand that MEGA pays just like they promised you. But sir, you don't realize how they leave you venerable on the heavy hitting type illnesses." What else can you say?

How do you get through to these people? I can understand that some people just do not have the gumption to know the difference, but there are others that really make you wonder. I have spoken to this one gentleman on two different occasions. Once when his son has an attorney working on a case against MEGA and then again a few days ago. This gentleman has a rather nice size flooring business, really kind of large for the area. He has a plane he likes to take for a whirl-about on the weekends. I would think he has something in his noodle that got him to this point in life.

Up until now this guy has not had a claim that really amounted to anything for MEGA to pay. There are the regular sniffles and sneezes and a gash in his arm had to be closed. Oh, and they paid his son's claim without going to through the court. So he is as happy as a lark with them and does not want the good relationship with them being messed with. You know when you change insurance companies it takes a while for that relationship to be developed and he wouldn't want to have to start over "new" with a company.

What do you do in these situations? Walk on by and of course hope he never has a serious health problem and if he does, hope the death will be swift and painless?
I know I won't waste my valuable time on him again. Actually when I saw him last it was because I had a few minutes to spare before an HSA appointment and there wasn't anything more interesting to do with 15 minutes. Maybe I should have placed a few calls or watched birds eat crumbs.

But I want to know what the magic formula is for overcoming the "high standards" of MEGA Life performance. What scenario lights up that imaginary bulb over someone's head before there isn't a savings account and other creature comforts?
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There is no magic formula. Most of these people are borderline idiots. You'll never convince them, so don't waste your time trying.

They only learn when something bad happens to them. I've talked to dozens of them. Problem is, it's usually too late.
The national average for health insurance companies on pay outs for claims is 74%. Health Markets comes in at a shocking 47%

BTW, so far over the last 2 weeks I have managed to pull 4 mega clients that I wrote away from from mega and onto a REAL policy.

KUDO'S to me
If he is on the Care One plan he's in a for a big suprise when it comes to diagnostic testing. Care One only gives you testing 21 days before and after a surgery. A very good example of how this can really screw someone is if they get cancer. sorry sir but you only get 21 days of testing for that nasty lump growing in you lungs. After that it's all out of pocket. And btw after a full year is up of coverage he/she will not be eligible for continued coverage after a year. Gotta use that Million they give you in the first year. Yes that's right. You only get coverage for an illness for one year. It does not continue into the next year. This is why they give you 365 days of coverage when a injury/sickness begins. That was a huge selling point for us. Then I realized the BS that it was.

May god have mercy on my soul for selling those plans........:mad:
"Yes Sir, I understand that MEGA pays just like they promised you. But sir, you don't realize how they leave you venerable on the heavy hitting type illnesses." What else can you say?

The word is vulnerable. Venerable describes me to a "t" (Commands respect by virtue of age, dignity, character, or position). You may henceforth address me as the "venerable arnguy!":yes:
He has an open case with MEGA and you want him as your client why?

Maybe he will have another case against whatever you sell him also.

I know MEGA is not good - but this is clearly a red flag.