Internet leads are internet leads. No particular company has a "better" lead. Because of that if you want to work shared leads just find the cheapest leads you can get as long as the leads come in real time and are returnable to credit if the info is bogus.

Here's what makes a good lead company:

1) Ability to pause or turn off the leads
2) Good return policy for leads with bogus info
3) Leads come in real time
4) Are guaranteed not to be sold to more than 3 agents
5) No or little upfront deposit. Never deposit more than $100.
While it may be true that there is no single standout company that is better than everyone else, there are definitely some leads companies that are worse than the others. I would rate most choice in the bottom half, in my experience.

That's good to know - I've had different experiences with different ones too, so it's good to get feedback from people who've used them.
Funny you should mention that

John, your timing is uncanny. I spoke to one today & am hiring them. We'll see how it works, but I think it will be a much better use of my money. I'll let you know if I have some success with it. :wink:
I can get shared leads for $8 and they're not self-employed or I can get exclusive leads for $8 and every one of them is self-employed. I can also call myself for free. Got 6 leads today from 2 hours of calls (my telemarketer is out of commission for a while.)
Got it

I do call myself John, but I want to offload some if I can afford to since telemarketing is not the business I'm in & is the think I like the least about selling. Calling is ok, but cold calling has never been my favorite.

I can force myself to do it & I know you have to do a good portion to survive, but why not offload as much of the undesireable work as possible?

It would be equivalent to you doing all of the administrative work yourself when your real contribution & profitable skill sets lie in other activities. Go with your strengths is my motto & get prospects from a number of sources - not just one.
You should farm it out. I do. I'm just calling now because my marketer is out of commission for two weeks. But new agents who don't have any marketing money should absolutely be calling.

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