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Multiple parameds?


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Hi all:
I have a client who will be purchasing a life and disability policy from me. Do I need to get multiple parameds done, or can he just get one done? How do I coordinate it with the two carriers?
In most cases you will find one paramed co. that is signed up with both carriers. Technically the examiner will be doing two exams, but as a practical matter the client will only be stuck once (even though the blood may go into seperate vials and sent to different labs).
The best thing I ever did was to interview various parameds and choose one that I wanted to do all my exams. I am her largest client and she does 4 to 10 exams per week for my office. I know my exam will be handled professionally and will make a favorable impression on the insured.. The examiner is an extension of you, make sure they are the best.