Mutual of Omaha Interview


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Greetings Forum,

1st time post here! I'm meeting with a Regional Sales Manager at Mutual of Omaha on Thursday this week. I currently own my own Mortgage company and I am considering an industry change. I have many friends who sell AFLAC, and are very successful.

I'm curious, the position I'm meeting about was explained to me as a Business to Business sales position. I would essentially be calling on Agents to create relationships and push MOA products for them to sell. In the mortgage business it's called an Account Executive. It's a base salary, but very heavily commissioned. This is what I'm looking for. CAn anyone shed some light on this type of position?

Thank you in advance.

I had not heard of this recruiter position, is it well advertised on the net? I would not mind looking into it... it further solidifies the point that I think Mutual is headed down the broker-only path and is getting away from the career agency system, maybe. What do you guys think? I think a lot of companies are getting away from career agencies, too much overhead. Way easier to go out and recruit a bunch of brokers, let the brokers cover the overhead and administration on a local level. Smart, actually.