My first full week as a Captive agent


I am so overwhelmed! I started Nov 1. and Oh lord! What have I done?! :D

Its good, Im getting settled in. They are throwing so much at me right now, I have no idea what to do. Im leaving in a few days for a week of school.

Ive been bombarded with learning the software and how to get around the office, had a BCBS crash course and am packing my bags to leave for school.

I really never imagined it would be this way. Its almost as they really dont want to train you, but they need to at least do a little :) Im happy with the staff, my agency manager and the District manager are really great people. The 2 agents in my office are not "big shots" their down to earth.

I think I will be ok. I came from a sales back ground but this company wants Aps and they want them yesterday. No quotas for this month because I have had zero time to talk to anyone but come Dec.1 the requires start. Im looking to a great career with this company. After the first District meeting which I attended, its seems as if they want Life first, Auto and fire. 3 things I think I could excel and do very well in.
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[sarcasm]Sounds awesome![/sarcasm]

Seriously, I hope it works out for you, but man, I can't imagine that kind of grind and pressure and BS. Been there, done that...and I didn't get a t-shirt (didn't want one!).

Good luck with it...!
Sounds like if they want life first, they are not too proud fo the P&C stuff. Why not just go to work for NYL, New England, Am General, Mutual Of Omaha? They want life first- as well.
Could they have a "farm" in the name somewhere, maybe?

Southern Farm Bureau perhaps? I had a manager of theirs a few weeks ago tell me that the way you get noticed there is by selling a lot of life ins. Farm Bureau also sells BCBS so they are my first guess.
I think the first new week with any company is always the worst, learning where things are, who you are working with, and what they want you to do under their system. Then to learn something completely new to you on top of it. It can seem overwhelming for sure. But if you even think about it a month or two down the road, you will wonder what the big deal was. Just learn as much as you can, and good luck with your new adventure.