My first life sale? BGA? FMO? Need HELP!



Met a man (at Fry's Electronics store) who is retired air force and wants to buy at 250K term policy to add on to what he has. I told him I'd get back to him early next week with some suggestions.

I'm not appointed with any life carrier anywhere. People speak highly of West Coast Life so that will be a call I'll make on Monday, but I think they go through a BGA (Broker General Agency).

What is a BGA and what is the difference between a BGA and an FMO/IMO? Suggestions for a BGA I should look into?

Anyone have any direct carriers that I might check out too. I understand term life as well as WL... I own both... and have studied it (obviously). I just don't have anything in my 'kit bag' to sell so any suggestions are appreciated... before Monday!

Some of you know that I had planned to transition into life and annuities over the summer. Well I guess the summer came earlier than I expected. HELP!


I checked out Bisys. Huge company. Do they 'own' you like an FMO does?

Life Insurance is written mainly thru General Agents. You can switch at will. Some carriers will allow multiple contracts. It's not like an FMO who can tell you which brand of toothpaste to use.

I do very little life and find Bisys to be easy to deal with. I actually use the Washington office instead of Sacramento. My marketing rep in Sacto screwed up and wouldn't take responsibility for his actions. My rep in Washington has been great so far.

That being said, it really doesn't matter who you use. The commission structure is about the same and since you can go elsewhere anytime, don't lose sleep over things.

I have been using bisys a few weeks now on life and DI and they have been very helpful.
I have been using bisys a few weeks now on life and DI and they have been very helpful.

I called them today and got into voice mail hell. I could not reach anyone who wanted to sign me up... or even knew what they were doing. I ended up leaving a voice message to some sales office and never heard back from them alld ay.

I might have been born at night but it wasn't LAST NIGHT. This is a company that has some internal problems. The life blood of a GA should be in getting new agents aboard. These guys don't know what they don't know.

There must be another good GA. Anyone wish to make a suggestion?