Mystery shopping

Have you ever had a mystery shopper come out and say that they were just testing you? Or, have you ever had a feeling that a particular lead was a really a mystery shopper?

Just wondering...

Or, on the flip side, have you ever been a mystery shopper to check out what the competition was saying?
Absolutely I've had "mystery shoppers" - nothing more pathetic than a P&C guy asking for a quote for life insurance. Jerkoff.
I've had Mega agents call and pose as clients. I always know it's them when they ask stuff like "well do your carriers only pay usual, customary and reasonable charges?"
I use to get calls that asked how much I charge for financial plans. No prospect ever calls for a financial plan, it's not a demand product. You can sniff these out quick by the questions they ask. The call always ends with, "If I'm interested, I will give you a call back." Suprisingly, no return calls.
No kidding. That would be totally hilarious. As if anyone ever wanted to write that check for a financial plan!
Years back when I was on shared leads I had a prospect tell me they were dealing with another agent who was saying that my plans were "individual" plans and his were group - and she'd be canceled if she got sick on one of my plans.

I got the agent's number (Mega..of course) and posed as a referral to see exactly what he said. Yep...just what my prospect conveyed to me and worse.

I've met with one of the compliance officers at the MD MIA and shot him off an email with the agent's name, number and what he's telling clients. The agent got a nice call from the MIA and blew the business.