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NAA- Zero to 100Million in 4 years- WOW


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I spent a couple of months looking at the old forum and reading it regarding NAA before I even joined that forum. If were going to kick this new forum off and make it heat up, I'm sure this will get things rolling.

I joined NAA a couple of months ago. I love them. I don't know any IMO who grew this fast. Maybe Johnpet or Sti do. I know neither of them care for NAA but for me it was a fantastic experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. Here's why!

They have a set way of selling that is easy to do.
They have weekly meetings so you can trade ideas and stay connected.
They have great leads that are very easy to sell. If there A leads.
There B leads are free.
Weekly training is on the web or over the phone.
They are growing like wild fire.

O.K. everybody-Bring the Heat
To each their own.

If it works for you and you can sleep at night, put food on the table and keep the lights on then have at it.

If you look at any insurance company or IMO, there is usually an agent out there who is selling it and doing it well. Usually, the better the upper management and support the better the situation is.

In the big picture, if you are giving your clients a good service and keeping them happy, you will be success. If you do them wrong they will cancel and you will usually never have the ability to sell to them or their friends and fam again.
I won't say anything bad about the NAA. Their products are legitimate and every organization has their heavy hitters. When I was with UGA I won Quick Start for the country and won a trip to Cabo. It most certainly didn't mean my clients got the best deal.

I don't think anyone's ever claimed that no one can make money with the NAA. But what public forums are about are making sure everyone knows the full scoop - which means upsides and downsides.

A lot of people thrive in "rah rah" organizations. If you take some of those people and make them independent they'll crash and burn.

This is what it's all about:

1) Being happy with what you're selling
2) Knowing in your heart that your client is better off having met you
3) Making enough money to make it worth your efforts
4) Researching other products to make sure that what you're offering is competitive
5) Being able to walk up to any client a year later in the grocery store and saying "Hey! How are you doing!" and knowing they're still happy.
I wish ya all the best, just make sure when you are setting knee cap to knee cap with this good folks that you are properly insuring them, they deserve it.

I know alot of former NAA-ites, who got past their learning curve and when on to other things.
oh, and why the comment about bringing the heat?

I read your post on the old board( NAA thread),let's not mudsling right off the bat?, I hope not, after all NAA is an old hat topic for most of us.
And not much need in a re-hash of things.

I wish ya well
I'm like many others on this forum who start with NAA and learn things then move on to other things. I do think NAA is a phenomenon and a great place to start but, it's tough to stay there after you find this forum.

Before I found out you could start at 90% or higher on contracts, I was very happy being full time with NAA. However, because I've followed this forum I started looking around and did get contracted at 90% with another company. So now I'm part time with NAA and starting on my own for a higher commission.
That's great!!!
A higher contract can always make life easier.

I started in this biz at a 25% contract, I have learned a lot over the years

I saw your other post about ministry. I could use all the prayers you care to give for success in this field. I just spent over 1,300 dollars on a lead generating company but only have a few leads to show for it so far. I may be one of those people who goes independant only to get wiped out. I imagine most people feel that way in the beginning.