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I noticed a link in a thread about NAPA.

Not the auto parts stores, an insurance broker association.

I must be missing it, but I don't see anything that makes this a "legal" association. Most of the links are for products sold to NAPA members.
Associations formed for the purpose of purchasing insurance are not legal entities. This appears to have no function other than to market insurance.

AAA offers insurance, but also has other functions.

AARP offers insurance, but was formed as a PAC.
What about Mega's "Alliance for Affordable Air Conditioning" and the like?

I hear through the grapevine that when the prospect hears about the grocery coupons from Publix - it seals the deal.
They can claim anything.

I never heard of the association before spotting it on a thread. That in itself means nothing.

Most carriers shy away from association offerings. Exceptions are when individual, underwritten products are offered. If the association is large enough they will even private label it.

Carriers are even reluctant to offer fully insured group cover to established associations. There are still a few of those plans around, but they are few and far between. Most are affiliated with large, national, homogenous groups like doctors, engineers, etc.

This assocation (NAPA) appears to do nothing more than market (mostly) individual plans. They do have a simplified issue "group" life plan that may or may not be a true group plan.

Even loosely structured associations such as NASE at least do some lobbying.

I don't have a problem with this association. They are probably not on anyone's radar and as long as they are not skimming funds intended for premium payments they will probably stay around for a while.

Interestingly, NAPA shares an address with MGA insurance.

When I was very active in association business years ago, most of the flake associations seemed to originate in FL, TX and AZ. Most of them were eventually closed down and the owners, if they could be found, were fined & imprisoned for skimming.
Yeah.. if you're a crook, it's much better to be a crook and scam people from a nice place to live... It also makes fleeing to Mexico easier living in those state..
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