Need advice from Experienced Agents, regarding my current situation

Now hear me out I knew what I was getting into, but I expected Christian affiliated company to hold there end of the bargain. When they didn’t it was upsetting, because out everyone out there, I thought they were the ones I could trust.

Biggest warning flag in financial industry.....

"we operate our firm based on Christian principals"

they are usually the biggest shysters in the industry.

There are hundreds of threads on this website about people being ripped off by "christian based" Agencies. The louder they preach..... the farther you need to run away.

Actions tell you morals, not religious affiliation.
Agree with you. But it applies to most religions, not just Christianity. You just see more of it because USA is mostly a Christian nation. Bitcoin is considered Halal investment because it does not involve interest so its been manipulated in middle east. Thodex CEO who is Turkish got 11,196 years in jail for fraud. And lets not forget Bernie who used his Jewish background to network with Holocaust survivors and steal their charity money.
No one will screw you like one of your own.

Christian, Muslim, Furry, LGBTqxyz, Minority, Veteran, Vegan - owned. Doesn't qualify or disqualify a business for me. However, I may look a bit harder at them. Both favorably and critically.
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To clarify things

1. I will not mention the company
2. I’m one of the few that actually passed the state exam, and they need me.
3. Agents are assigned exclusive regions, and the lack of them had one person covering a significant portion of the state.
4. They told me they would pay for AD Banker, the licensing fees etc.. When I got it and that hasn’t happened.
5. Like all of you I have bills to pay, selling isn’t an issue as I have strong skills at it and public speaking.
6. The issue is that I’m spending all this money and I’m learning there systems and spending hours upon hours with zero pay.
7. They want me to go 4 to 6 more weeks without a chance to produce. Then they tell me oh btw it might take a few months to build trust to get a sell. But we still want 12 appointments per week, that requires in home visits. Again with no money.

In closing I have learned a lot about pre employment testing, so I won’t make the same mistakes again. Second I am going to get everything in writing, from now on before I agree to anything. I’m just disappointed I put my trust in something that I thought would never be something I couldn’t. Thank you all again for your advice and tbh my shoes are ready to run, I want talk them first and see what they say and least give them one last chance.
well, I have no idea how things have played out for you as I'm dropping out of this thread because it's quite're an ***. GTFO. If you don't see that you need to run, I repeat, you're an ***.

PS not trying to be mean but sometimes you gotta get slapped to wake up.