Need carrier for cancer insurance



I just wrote a healthy client with an excellent Blue Shield (HSA) policy. However she wants to also have a cancer plan that will supplement her major med... like an indemnity... that will pay her, not the docs.... and which will pay what the major med won't.

Personally I don't see the need for it, but she saw her sister-in-law (in military... probably with Tricare) have to go out of pocket for a lot of cancer related treatments and does not want to have same happen to her. Anyway, that's her story.

I write for Colonial which has a good cancer plan (for the price), but I'm not sure they will sell individual as they are a payroll deduct, workplace supplement company. I'll check.

In meantime, which other carriers would you recommend I look at?


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I would suggest that you look at United American's cancer policy. Last time I checked, a couple of years ago, they had what I thought was the best one.

If the person is diagnosed with cancer they pay the face amount of the policy even if the person never gets treatment. The policy holder gets a check for the total amount. It was available up to $50,000 and premiums weren't too bad.
GTL is a term plan with a cancer rider. The UA policy is OK as far as a lump sum plan is concerned but I have seen better.

Look at critical illness policies instead, expecially MoO.
Just read the language in the policy so you know what's covered. You're selling a cancer policy so you might thing if they get diagnosed with cancer they get the benefit. Maybe....maybe not.

Here's one for example. Note the language states "life threatening" cancer followed by what's not covered. A client gets state A prostate cancer and things he gets a benefit? Not on this particular policy.

Please folks, don't use initials. Not all of us know what companies they stand for. Who is GTL? Grand Tennessee Life? :-)


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It too easy, but even I get confused when some people start using initials to describe things.....and I'm in the Marines!

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