Need rate info on Commercial Property Insurance


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Hi All:

I am a new Real Estate Broker in Illinois looking for a "ball park" insurance rate info for a single tenant, commercial, 9,600 sq ft brick building in Melrose Park Illinois.

The building does not have sprinklers and is VACANT and for sale.

Yes I did call 12 insurance agents from the phone book on Thursday !
8 said insurance is not availiable for vacant buildings ???
3 promised to call back with info and never did and will not take my calls ??
1 kept asking what type of business after I told him the building was vacant ??

Please, I need ball park numbers ASAP.

Is this type of insurance single premium or paid monthly, quaterly ??

Value of building without land is 950,000 ball park.

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Unfortunately it's going to be both VERY difficult and VERY expensive to insure the building while it's vacant, and nearly impossible to get a ballpark quote without going through the applition process - there are way too many factors (which is probably why nobody has called you back as of yet). Your best bet is to see if the state offers any programs to insure vacant buildings (the coverage be very basic though). Once you actually have a tenant occupying that unit, the type of tenant occupying (ie. a deli vs. a real estate office) is going to make all the difference in the world.