Need some help guys....


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Hey guys,

I have a client that won't qualify with the individual plans I sell because of her height and weight. Her and her husband are dear friends of mine, so I definetely want to try and help them if at all possible.

She lost her job with group coverage and does have Cobra available but she thinks she is going to be self employed in the future. I do sell a mini-med that pays up to a 1000/day benefit, but I know that her concern is a catostrophic illness that could run up in the many thousand dollars....a mini-med is going to leave her very exposed in a case like that.

Should she stay with the Cobra no matter what the cost for the next year? Would she be a candidate for the risk pool? I want to be able to lay out all her options when I see them Thursday.

Any help would be appreciated.

If indeed she cannot get an individual plan these are her options:

1) Elect and keep the Cobra. Problem with that is 18 months will come on day then she'll have to make a move.

2) When she becomes self-employed see if she qualifies for a small group plan.

3) Get another job with benefits before she goes 63 days without coverage

Regarding state plans, you'll have to check your state. In MD if she has Cobra available to her she must elect it - can't go on the state plan.
Just a thought...but if she goes self-employed she might be able to get a small group plan, maybe 1-2 person group? How long untill she goes self-employed?

**LOL, just saw that johnpet already recommended that! Still...something to explore.
COBRA. That gives her 18 months to lose 40# which is the minimum to get coverage. Even that rate will be high (+80%). Losing 80# would be better all around.

Risk pool, if available in your state is another option.

Most STM plans dont ask ht & wt questions.

Most mini-meds & scheduled indemnity plans dont ask ht & wt or have liberal build requirements.

It's not your fault if she can't get coverage, or has to pay too much. Offer suggestions and let her decide.
Well....the appointment turned out really good. Basically educated her on how individual plans were more stringent on ht/wt requirements...she understood that and turned out the rest of her family had been on her group plan at her previous job so she decided to opt in for the Cobra and I put the husband and two kids on their own plan for $250.00/mo. Everybody happy and relieved.

I love my job. Thanks guys for all the input and suggestions. I really appreciate the free exchange of ideas in our forum.
I think COBRA is good. Because the options for deductible are from $250 up to $5,000. 80/20 or 50/50 co-insurance options for the initial $5,000 of medical expenses are also offered. These options are to be decided while applying for the short term insurance plan.