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Need Some Help


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Decatur, Ga.
I quoted a small group the other day, and they are thinking about it. Just found out the other quote is from Mega Life. I know, and you know, about Mega Life.

Can anyone e-mail me an article about how shotty their coverage is, so that I can forward it to them. If I tell her about them, she can doubt me. If I forward an article or other piece to her, then she may believe it.

John, you or STI are the guys who usually have those at your disposal. I need one right away, if you can find it. Either an article, or a bill, etc.

Be careful. Those articles you'll find on the net pertained to the old plans. They have all new plans out now. They also mainly applied to a limited plan called Health Choice which has been changed.

Just be careful of giving your client false info. If the Mega manager finds out you're "bashing" them to get the deal most likely he'll pursue it.

The best information you can give your client is this:

"Meet with the Mega Life agent and get the brochures and rates. Then I'll compare what they have to offer against what else is available."

I'd again be careful with articles. For every article you send that bashes Mega the Mega agent can show articles that bash any company you represent. There are plenty or articles that trash companies like Blue Cross, United Healthcare and Aetna.
I have found that the mega thread on the forum is aa "helpful link" to send out. I would be very wary of bashing them (Rightfully so) as a tactic, because it usually leaves a bad taste in their mouth. If you are really subtle, you can get them to do their own research, and then they are sold. Ripoffreport is also a good resource.
Never mind. I got the business, not them. I did send her some articles from Ripoff Report, from this past December and November. Had her ask the agent if it was real insurance, or a Discount plan with insurance elements.

She then went on line and did some research, and found the same information as I.

I don't mind losing to competition, if we are comparing apples to apples e.g. (Evil Empire, Aetna, UHC, etc.). But, when the Mega Lifer's come waltzing in, I feel it is an injustice to our industry.

I was quoting her Standard Security (IAC).

The rating for Standard Security is much higher than for Mega Life, and the claims experience is better, as well.

Thanks for the feedback, though. I wouldn't have done this with a "real" insurance company. Instead, I would have tried to find a comparable plan, and go from there.
I've been writing them, now, for a year, and have had no problems. Actually had a few clients call me to tell me how helpful and proactive their customer service has been (these were both clients who were previously with the Evil Empire).