New Aetna Rates, Texas

Aetna's PPO 5000 is usually cheaper than any other co pay plan on the market i.e. BCBS, UNICARE, HUMANA, GR, etc., etc.,

Underwriting is cranking out fast also.
Ditto. I was going to say that 20% isn't that bad.

By the change in Ohio rates, but PA has rate changes on April 1st. Plus...a new "Value" copay plan that was never available before. Stripped down, of course.
Ditto. I was going to say that 20% isn't that bad.

In CA Aetna pays 15% until you have written 10 apps. On the 11th I don't think they go back and credit you with the other 5% on the first 10 but I could be wrong.

I won't write Aetna unless there is nothing else available for "sick" client, as Aetna has a reputation for "relaxed" UW here (although that has not been my experience in the past 3 months... but it was a year ago.) In CA the only thing they bring to the table is an embedded deduct on some plans (HSAs). But I usually write husband/wife on separate plans anyway. It cost a bit more but makes sense deductible-wise.

The word on "agent street" here (from the NAHU chapter meetings I attend each month) is that Aetna is going to sock everyone with an IFP 30% across the board increase quite soon. I rather doubt it would be that high, but that's what people are saying. The carrier is said to have a track record for this so I'm told... but I think 30 points is a bit of an exaggeration.