New Agecy Start-up Looking for Best Agency Software


What is the best stand alone software out there for an Agency. Tracking residuals, customer info, letters etc..etc. I have a great territory. I just got my appointment on Wednesday. Not a captive agent which is great. I'm in PA. Thinking about getting a server so I can have remote access 24 hrs a day. I have about 5 people that will be coming on board with in a short time of me opening. I'm looking for a start date of 8/1. Any help will be greatful!

If anybody is looking sell their business in the Philadelphia area let me know.

Our agency started using "Vision" from Applied Systems. It is a very in depth application and you can do pretty much whatever your mind can think up that deals with tracking in the insurance industry. The only catch is that it is very expensive, several thousands if I recall correctly. But once you get used to it, it has made my job so much easier, especially for Reconciling premiums and tracking of prospects. Check it out, it's worth your time. Also, they have conferences all the time around the country that are very resourceful. I just got back from one in Vegas and I figured out so many things I didn't know I had the capability of doing before. Well worth the time and effort to get to know this system!!
While I have no experience with the vertical market systems for agents (YIO, etc.) and I have no reason to doubt their abilites, I've been using for the past several months and find that it does about 95% of what I need. You can't beat the price... and sometimes 'good enough' is good enough.



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