New flyer critique did you get Aetna, United Healthcare, Time Insurance, Carefirst Blue Cross, Coventry and Celtic to approve that flyer.........
Really...Unicare will not even let me put their name on a yellow page ad without approval......same with Metlife......

Don't need approval to simply list the companies I'm affiliated with. Would only need approval if I wanted to put their rates or plan details in the flyer.
I'd love to see Unicare enforce compliance for a Yellow Pages ad that simply states that you're affiliated with them. If the ad itself wasn't compliant (violated DOI rules of advertising) or was misleading I could see a carrier having a problem with it.

All the carriers in my state have special links I can put on my website. None of them stated they needed to review my website first. However, if my site itself violated insurance rules for advertising then GR might send me an email stating "change your site or remove our link." As it stands now, I can put all the carriers on my site.

What I know you can't do without compliance

Assurant Announces New CoreMed Plan! Rates Starting at $60 per Month!

What you can do

My agency sells health insurance trough the top carriers such as Blue Cross, Unicare, World and Time Insurance.

If any of the carriers ever contacted me to say they don't even want their name on my flyer then so be it. I can easily put "we write through the top carriers in the state." No biggie.
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It's about as brilliant an idea (Unicare controlling their name/logo usage on the flyer) as Egypt trying to copyright the pyramids!