New Forum - Brain Surgeons in the USA

I found this forum for brain surgeons. It's terrific.

I just love going on their and asking questions and then giving pages upon pages of advice. I use the handle Lost Penny.


It's considered bad form to leave pennies inside the patient's skull.

Surgeon's tip: If you need to measure the hole in the skull with a penny, use the old WWII steel cents, that way you can pull them out with a magnetic pickup tool if you accidentally drop them.

You can get a flexible one with a light at Harbor Freight. (That tool also helps in cleaning up damage from head shots from nail guns.)

pickup tool.jpg
This is really a very exciting topic, but sometimes you can't do without it. That's why there are doctors in this world. Just imagine how many lives people save every day with the help of various operations. Brain surgery is extremely rare, but it is also impossible to imagine surgery as medicine without it. When I needed a skin graft(sounds creepy, doesn't it?), for example, I turned to where professionals work. I am more than confident that there is carried out operations on the brain too.

Bahahahahaha . . .