New Health Benefits Program in PA?


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I was at the local public library yesterday ahen a bunch of flyers caught my attention. They wrer bright yellow paper with everyting printed in large capital letters. The heading was extra large caps that read "PUBLIC NOTICE." The narrative was in slightly smaller caps and read "SOUTHEAST PENNSYVANIA FAMILY HEALTH AND MEDICAL BENEFITS STARTING AT $19.95 PER MONTH FOR THE ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD. CDHC BENEFITS FOR THE UNINSURED. SOUTHEAST PA. ENROLLMENT HOTLINE-CALL 215-635-XXXX TODAY. ENROLLMENT DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL FEBRUARY 20TH 2008."

Oh boy, the entire household for as low as $19.95 per month. I wonder which load of crap medical discount plan this could be. The telephone number comes back to a private residence. Search of PA DOI failed to turn up anything.:skeptical:
I have some flyers around town (here) and the libraries weren't thrilled when I asked them for permission to put mine up.

Were they written in Lebanese?

If so, that may be your problem.

Mine say, "For a good time call 512-260-0856"
The flyers were on a table in the lobby area of the library. I was quite surprised that it was allowed, becausethe policy of the library does not allow "for profit" postings. I think that because of the way the flyer was was worded (PUBLIC NOTICE) it appears to imply that this is a state funded program, they were able to get away with it.

IMHO, because of the premium I think that this is Ameriplan. Their representatives do not have to have an insurance license inasmuch as their products are not insurance. That is probably why I could not find the name from the reverse telephone search in the PA DOI database.

IMO, I think the flyer is borderline legal----a very questionable practice.:policeman:
DOI doesn't control it - complaints would run through the Attorney General. Good luck - most of these outfits are out of state and tough to hunt down however some AGs have been successful in suing these clown outfits.