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New Here

Hello Everyone. I am new here, and in selling insurance. My name is Courtney, people call me hookie because of my last name......lol. I am getting ready to sign on with United American, and I am here looking for other people to talk to that could give me some good tips and hints on making this profession work. I have heard of so many people getting in it and then leaving not long after they started. I want to be one of those that come in make it a career. I would like to know some ins and outs and hints and tricks to help keep me in the business longer. I really do want to succeed at this job and make myself and my family proud. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciatted.
From one Air Force member (1999-2007: Vandenberg AFB) to another, be wary of what companies you decide to do business with coming into this field. UA is the type of insurance product that I would sell as a last resort IF a state pool plan was not available or unaffordable and group insurance was out of the question.
HH - Why would you want to start out captive with UA? Why would you want to offer limited plans? Is your primary market going to be folks that have been declined for MM coverage? Have you read and compared the plans they offer vs a MM policy - can you pick out the differences? Would you as a healthy person choose a UA policy over a solid MM policy?

Salpro is 1000% correct. Please keep reading this forum and asking questions, soon you will see that you are about to make a typical "green agent" mistake that you will regret.
Welcome, healthhookie. Thank you for brightening this forum with your avatar. Do you havany more pictures?;)

Seriously, take heed to the advice on this forum from the experienced agents. Good luck!:rolleyes: