New House Speaker Had Proposed Trillions in Cuts to Social Security and Medicare

Yet there is always enough for Ukra
One thing that can be done is to continue Social Security tax beyond the $160,200 limit. No brainer.

If you do that, Social Security becomes yet another welfare program. The first thing that the Congress should do is kick all of legal immigrants off who didn’t work all of their lives here (plus SSI and Medicaid) and INCREASE the amount of quarters needed to receive the benefits for Everyone except disabled. 10 years of work is crazy ridiculous to get a benefit.
In a nutshell, I'm not here to teach economics classes:

the country cannot afford to continue spending the way it does.
The two main drivers of spending on the federal level are healthcare (Medicare and Medicaid) and Social Security.

The country already has a debt-to-GDP ratio of 120%, it is unsustainable. If the debt is not taken into a more controllable level soon (define soon however you want), buyers of our debt (investors, banks, and other countries) will eventually stop. Ths will cause yeilds to spike, bank runs, economic recessions, markets to fall, unemployment to rise etc..
Eventually the buyer of last resort will have to be the Federal Reserve.

This can/will lead to one of two scenarios:

1) Austerity.

2) Inflate our way out.

wait are you saying you might need to be carful if you are running up dept higher and higher, to keep your lifestyle in your household, when your income is dropping to lower then 50% of previous income

or you might go into default and lose your home?

Come on that cant be true

that is just conspiracy scare tactics