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Does anyone know anything about Celtics new short term med? They just called to anounce that they are offering it in MD on 10/1, that they have slashed their rates, and that they are allowing 3 consecutive contracts. Is that legit? Do they offer it in other states?
Had a long talk with one of Celtic's product managers who's an old friend from Chicago. They target the occasional writer of a health case (ie- stockbrokers, p&c agents and the like) who don't know any better - hence the 10% commission/bonus structure. When I told him I could easily get 20% commission minimum from case 1...he had no answer for that. They don't care.

I get more crap in the mail from them than any other company! Overpriced in the market here and not a name people feel comfortable with. They need to do better! If they paid 30 I most likely still would write anything they have.
For the longest time all they could write in Jaw-ga was STM. Nothing else was competitive. They got competitive for about 2 weeks and paid the 10 + 10 on the first contract. I wrote a case. They screwed it up. Took almost a month to issue and 5 months to pay the commission . . . as earned of course.

By the time I finally got paid their literature was in the circular file.

Their rep calls about once a quarter to see if I have anything they can quote for me. Of course it is a new rep each time so I tell them the same thing.

The last rep used to call and give me prospects. Do you have anyone looking for health insurance that I can quote.

The conversation usually stalls out at that point. Have no idea why.

The one case I tried to move on renewal but the guy likes them. Guess because he has never had a claim.

They were one of the first to have online quoting but now there is no reason to use them at all.
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Really, my only question is about their stm. If you could write three consecutive apps on someone, that is worth exploring. I have a lot of stm bussiness that wants to keep it longer than 6 months.
At least 2 carriers offer STM for 12 months.

Fairmount & Standard Security.

The Std Security plan can be "renewed" 2 more times for up to 36 months coverage.

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