New to Forum and very Excited about what I have seen so far!!


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Just wanted to take this time to introduce myself and give a little bit of information about myself. I have been in the insurance industry for 5 years. One year in claims and 4 years selling P&C and Life. Our Agency is located near pittsburgh and our book is mostly personal lines. I joined this forum because I enjoy reading all of the posts and I am always looking for new ideas.

That's two new members from Pittsburgh today. Welcome.

Mu wife is from North Hills, my brother in law lives in Mt. Lebanon and the other brother in law lives in Plum Township (he was an All_American wrestler at Pitt).

My father in law went to school with the Rooneys and Big Ben and I both went to Miami.

Also...I have a cousin who lives off McKnight Rd...

Actually, I'm just rambling...part of an inside joke. Welcome.
I must admit, I've been a member for only a few minutes and already I am excited to be here. The other 2 insurance forums I go on are ghost towns. I can't wait to get to know people here!