New to Insurance - Any Advice?

The advice I would give to someone getting a P and C license over 50 is

  • C. Open your own agency with a carrier

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  • D. Other - please add your advice

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My quick answer on your pole [and Ive given this advice about 50 times] - start with a small or mid sized agency and learn on their dime. Learn more than just insurance stuff. Learn operations, accounting, etc etc.

And then after two or three years you can either go off on your own - or reinterview with a new shop and throw your weight around in the interview.
Best of Luck
@Markthebroker I'm offering help and advice. Yes, that does happen to promote my site but it is truly with good intentions.
I developed because it's what I was looking for when I became an agent. It didn't exist and now it partially does.
Of course, I would've utilized this site long ago, when I first became an agent, had I knew about it. And, I assure you that there would've been plenty of people soliciting me on this site as well.
Funny, I did neither of those, and was successful. Every successful agent I know did more or less the same thing I did, and was successful. I've never seen an agent do either of those things you mentioned and make it.

I quite my day job, went all in, and after a few years of hardcore struggle made it to the land of milk and honey.
I'm not seeing where you mentioned the strategy that worked for you and so many others?
I assume you have asked yourself these questions:

- Why do you want to sell insurance?
- How hard (i.e hours per day/week) will/can you work?
- What are your current financial needs?
- What are your financial aspirations?
- How do you deal with rejection?
- Do you have an "outgoing" personality?

If you WANT go into insurance I would suggest that you find a job with a captive company who will train you.

That said, I would advise you not to go that direction but to look into the financial advice sector instead.

I suggest that you seek out a company who will train and sponsor you for a securities license... Edward Jones would be my first choice but there are others out there as well who are seeking smart, motivated, "mature" people (ESPECIALLY WOMEN) to become financial advisors.

No one WANTS to buy insurance. But everyone WANTS to make money.

Fish where the fish are!