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My name is Ben Carpenter and I have recently been found by MetLife and Bankers Life and Trust for insurance jobs. I turned down the bankers job after finding out that they didn't want to interview me they just wanted to have me sit through some crappy 2 hour seminar.
Metlife however, has been real nice. They've been real good about staying in contact and i have been through about two interviews now. I have NO insurance experience and I am still in college.
I've been in retail electronic sales for about 3 years now and have expereice in many tech categories such as networking, microsoft software, adobe (including CS2, dreamweaver, after effects, macromedia, etc), web based html, autoCAD, and much more. I do part time computer repairs @ staples and sell discounted NEW electronics @ a local flea market. Also, i do car fabrication work in my free time.
I am looking to get a career that has to do with my major in school. I go to school for marketing and business and although i have plenty of retail experience with staples it is still just retail.
I am not looking to get rich quick (like some insurance and car sales ads say) I am only making like 500$ a month now.
So, in honest opinion is the insurance industry for me? I see alot of talks about different company here, and it just hapens that METLIFE came to me so i have went to the interviews. The company aside, is insurence worth it? Like i said, i am not looking to make money over night. I am looking forward to being able to dress up a little for work, deal with the people, keep contact list. I like being involved with people. That's why i got into car fabrication. It's somehting i like and lets me interact with people.

Anyway, let me know guys. I am new not only to here but to the Biz. Like i said; everyone starts somewhere, so metlife seems fine to me. I dont car about the company. If i don't like it i just go back to tech @ staples. I kinda have nothing to loose unless i am missing something. Let me know anything. And i have no certifications yet they have still decided to interview me. So, let me know guys thanks
Yeah, I'm new in the biz too, and from what I understand it takes a long time to develop a client base where you are actually making enough cheese to feed the rats. If you like dealing with people on a personal basis, I think you're totally in the right place.