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Newbie Introduction


Hi, I'm new to this forum and new to insurance. I have a bunch of questions, but I'm going to post each one as a separate topic so I can see how people weigh in. I have been teaching High school in San Diego for 11 years, biology, and moved to El Paso to support my wife in her quest to become a midwife. I fell into this job on the reference from a friend, who's father in law is an FMO. I speak spanish and English, so I was quickly encouraged to get my license as fast as I could, as he had "8000 leads for me". Well....... he has some good products, Care Improvement Plus, an MA special needs plan for people with diabetes and other chronic ilnesses, and wellcare MA PFFS, which I really enjoyed selling, it was a slam dunk almost every time, sold before I even got off the phone setting the appointments. Now the 8000 leads seem to have evaporated and I don't entirely know why. (needless to say I didn't get all the names at once) So now I am left hanging, not quite knowing what to do. The easy answer is go back to my old job teaching. The catch, our family really likes it here and we want to stay. I won't teach here, b/c it is a 30K pay cut from teaching in San Diego. So anyway, after a bad day yesterday I came home, found this forum and realized that what I need is another FMO or two. I have already learned a lot from this forum, and I thank all the contributors.

So the success you had, was it with Spanish speaking people? If so you can just go out and look for list from any reputable list agent and you should be able to get list at no more than a nickel a name. Basically a list of 8000 that is custom fit shouldn't cost that much at all. I'm not sure, it has been a while since I been to El Paso but if I remember I'm sure there is a significant number of elderly and I'm also confident that a bilingual person could rack up big time!