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I just got off the hone with a lady that is currently living in Colorado and will be moving to Wyoming in July. Her current coverage is through group and will be ending when she moves (retirement) She says that everyone that she has talked to so far has been unwilling to help her. Anyone know or have any ideas as to why?

Any help woul be apprecated!
Did she give you a rundown of her medical situation? I would think that if no one wants to help her she may insurability issues.

That being said, loss of group coverage (continuation or otherwise) due to geographic relocation creates HIPAA eligibility.

Perhaps no one can earn any $ selling HIPAA in Wyoming so no one wants to touch it?

Just some thoughts.
Don't know the specifics, but Wyoming does have a state risk pool if she is medically ineligible. She is guaranteed accepted if she's a Wyoming resident and refused coverage else where. If HIPAA eligible (sounds like she would be), no prexisting exclusions.

I don't work the Wyoming market, got all the information from: