Newbie seeks advice


I'm new to the insurance sales business and would appreciate some advice. I'm looking at several different opportunities in Houston, Texas. I've visited with someone working for American Classic Agency selling their various products, including mortgage protection, medicare supplement, annuities, etc. I've also met with a company selling to the senior market, Pyramid Life, etc. And, I've seen an ad for new agents for a company called America's Health Team LLC. It seems that AFLAC always has ads in our area for new agents and managers. Then there are a slew of ads for people to get into the property & casualty business, especially with Farmers in our area. I just don't know where to begin. Can anyone recommend the best type of insurance to sell, the best companies to go with, for the best training, support and income opportunities???


Do a search on this topic in search bar and you will find array of topics on this subject. BTW, make sure you subscribe email notification on your control panel so you will have EASY access to your replied post. Im very surprised this is not a STANDARD feature like other popular forums especially for new guests/newbies:)
If you want to live with frustration.. sell life and health. IF you want to golf alot sell PC.

The funny thing about human nature is we don't think twice about insuring a new car, but will wait years to insure our lives. It is far easier to insure "things" than "people". Guys will plop down 4-5 thousand to insure the family's cars, but think a $20 term life premium is too high.

Just an observation 20 years has brought.
I work only the Seniors Market and really enjoy it. Find something that you would really like and stick to that market. Learn to be the "GO TO" will pay off big time.