Newbie with some questions


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Ok I admit I'm a newbie here. I've spent the whole day going over different topics around here, and just subscribed to the forums.
I've got a few questions
1. What's best to work for?

1. I just went through an "interview" with UA the other day, felt a little uneasy, but the guy was offering straight to management if I agree to apply for the license and go to the online course right away that day.
So, I said what the hey, the worst is that I'd have a license to show on my resume, right? I signed up, went to the online course. Seems like a great course (license2go). I went through a bit of it, and passed all the "quiz" tests I did do. Then I took a break. Went searching for a little more info. Found this forum site, and went digging into the topics. Seems UA is a company to stay far away from. So, my question is... So if I get into selling Life and Health here in TX, what company is best? (I'm new to it, and otherwise know almost nothing about selling any insurance; though I did make some notes of what others have had to say on here).
So anyone care to say who is best to work for? What is the "deals" out there?

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