NextGen Leads for Medicare ..?

Can they supply people going into medicare within 3 mos ..?

Wrong question . . .

Most of these "lead" companies can fill any request . . . . the real question is, how valid are these "leads"?

Do you want only Asian Episcopalians? Not a problem.

Or maybe you want ESL prospects living in zip 33234? Done!

Divorced/widowed bisesexuals T65 may be a challenge
We've done a lot of business years ago using Prospect Zone shared and then Allweb live transfer leads ... how do you market ... referrals only ..? I should mention ... that was ACA business before it became ACA ... I see you have yourself an s.e.o friendly website and a youtube account ... nice. Also, how about T65 TS?
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I used Prospect Zone, Allweb and several others for U65 before Obamacare.

From my perspective, the lead gen business has been good for the promoters and lousy for agents for many years.

Starting in 2010 I switched from U65 and group to T65 Medigap only. My only question is . . . why did it take me so long to change?

I have several outreach sources including some paid advertising but most of my prospects come from my YT channel and referrals.
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My POV simply put --- not a good marketing plan.

If you like calling as though youre a call center jockey and don't mind pumping in unlimited coin, go for it.

Total waste imo. You'd be better of getting T65 Locator and non compliantly cold calling for know, calling T65 for med supps.
Could you detail your experience with NextGenLeads as well as other online lead vendors?
Or have you ever used online leads ..?
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I can't comment specifically on the quality of any lead gen company offering Medicare leads, however, I can perhaps offer some insight considering I generate a large volume of qualified Medicare leads but do NOT sell them.

If a marketer has the ability to generate high-quality Medicare leads, the very LAST place to monetize those would be to sell to anyone other than the very largest call centers and agencies in the country (ones who bid up to and above 3 digits for a single lead sometimes), or keep them for in-house agents.

The only way selling to smaller agencies, or even <gasp> individual agents would be worth it, is if the leads were complete garbage and/or they were sold multiple times.

Just food for thought.
Have you EVER bought and sold online leads ..?

I have and it had been all I needed from 2011 till about 2018ish,
I have done the prospect zone for some years, even telemarking leads when it was done by Americans, had good fakebook leads for some time, and did well with benepath for about 5 years

there were others as well, but those days are over, I have been scrambling to figure out how to bring in new blood for some years now

Yet I am super busy with clients and referrals right now, but so much of my business' is client changing, right now I have a bunch of people who could not move for 8 years now with super high premium doing MA

as well as many who change premiums on supp every 3 or so years, I've had some referrals and honest AEP for the last several years have been busier then ever but its not nearly enough new blood

I am branching into ACA fumbled around with that a little wills work more and developing that more next year

but the biggest issue is people don't pick up the phone,. need to focus on inbound calls, I would be running live transfers If it were not just me I am not able to stay off the phone long enough this time of year