Notches & Tally Marks

Making an ass-load of money but not playing into the system is truly beating the game. I have a close friend who's had a boat for years. I certainly hope someone answers his ad soon.
I hate big cars. I hate SUVs. That's what I used to say. No more. We have two SUVs (2006 Envoy and 2005 QX4). I have seen too many accidents where the occupants in the car finished in second place after the collision with the SUV. In fact...about a week ago, a mile from my office, an Envoy and a subcompact collided. One of the occupants of the subcompact, a small girl, died. The car never had a chance.

Selfish? Maybe a bit. I'll try to buy a hybrid in a few years. But I will NOT put my kids in anything but a bigger vehicle.

I also love to buy undervalued stocks and self-manage them through my Roth. I guess that's "my" thing.

Oh...that's right. Fantasy Sports. Playing and writing for the local paper.

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Well heck, we're all insurance agents and I think about things constantly. What if that big disabilty happens and I can't work? would be kinda be nice to have a mill available and live off that. What wouldn't be cool is if that put us in a horrendous situation and now I'm sucking off my family for help.
Tally marks and notches

You're right, 100 years from now it will not matter how much was in the bank account. But, it may make a big dadgum difference at any given time!

My point - most people don't have enough cash laying around. As someone who was diagnosed with a life threatening disease 2 years ago I can tell you that cash and good insurance is king.

Save money, save money, save money!
Wow. I thought I had finally gotten to where I could treat myself to a nice new car, now I'm starting to feel guilty ..... whew, it passed. Man I love my new car :)