Occidental Single Premium Life


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Columbia, MO
I got a postcard in the mail to sell Occidental's Single Premium Life.

So, I figured what the heck and called them.

They are offering:
12-15 telemarketed leads per week
Pre-qualified with 50-100K in liquid assets
6% commission

They teamed up with URSA, I am assuming for leads. If you do not know, URSA is a senior association. You get discount dental, discounts on vision, hearing, etc. Kind of like NASE but for seniors. Not too big on that program. I do not know if they have to be in the URSA to get the coverage.

Anyone else look into this?
I got the exact same postcard, but I am focusing on another opportunity.

I've run pre-set appointments in the past for various products and they all smoked pole. Probably the worst leads I've ever worked in my limited experience. Unqualified, bad health, flat broke, didn't remember setting the appointment, etc.

Add to that the fact that in this scenario, you're going to have to walk into a stranger's home and in 30 minutes or so, convince them to write you a check for $50,000. I don't see that happening for me, and I'm a decent closer.