Of My Stable, Which Carriers/Plans Are Best?


Hi, all -

I've lurked around here forever but very rarely post. I'm so appreciative of all the good info here!

So, I've been licensed in health and life for approximately a year. I primarily sell independent health to small business owners, students over 23, etc. I also sell a little life -- mostly term to new parents. I've leaned on my GA extensively, respect her family brokerage, and haven't had much reason to doubt them. However, lately, I'm reading these boards and realizing I can probably get more objective wisdom if I ask some of the same questions here. Therefore, I'd love it if some of you could give me your $0.02 on these carriers and their comparable plans.

FYI, I'm in Ohio and am appointed with the following:

American Community Mutual
American Medical Security/UHC
Anthem BCBS (Group only)
Medical Mutual of Ohio

* Plus access to a zillion other carriers through another GA

Question 1: Should I consider adding any other carriers?

Question 2: Given the choice, which of these three plans would you use as your "go-to" for independent health aimed at the 40-50 age bracket?

A) American Community Mutual - Next Generation HSA
Benefits chart:

B) American Community Mutual - Medalist II (for those who insist on copays)
Benefits Chart:

C) Assurant - OneDeductible HSA (seems to be the gold standard around here!)
I don't have a direct link, but it sounds like most of you are quite familiar with this already!

Rates are competitive and similar with all three. Assurant usually comes in about 5% higher, but the two ACM rates are close to identical. For those who are unfamiliar, ACM is located in Michigan and covers about eight states. They use the SuperMed Plus network, which covers 99% of Ohio providers. Their biggest benefits, in my opinion, are their accident policy (deductible waived for all expenses within 30 days of an injury), no app or admin fee, and no HSA fees.

Question 3: Is there anything terrible, horrible, awful, etc. about any of the carriers I've listed above? Or, can I sell them all with a fair amount of confidence in their reputation and products?

Thanks so much. And, sorry for the long post!
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Chumps can give you a better read on OH carriers than most anyone.

I have a buddy in Centerville that writes mostly Anthem, Med Mutual & UHC/GR.
Hi. I got your email and I will respond in a few minutes. In a nutshell, I would add Aetna and UHC (Golden Rule). Assurant has very high rates in the Dayton area. If writing an HSA, I would consider UHC or Anthem.

By the way Som...I live about 5 minutes from Centerville!

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