Office Servers


Are you using Computer Servers in your office to network? If so what brand? What have your experiences been with that brand?

Thanks in advance!
We actually started using a Buffalo network drive as a server drive, to save files, etc. I have customized as our agency software and the network drive allows my producers to save shared files without the expense of a full server. We mapped all the systems to the "server drive" so everyone saves policy info, apps, etc to the same drive. Hope it helps...
have you ever considered an online source for using servers instead of having one in house. WE have 1 in house for everyday files and we use an online storage company for all client files. WE have a totally paperless office with the exception of the initially application, once the app is signed we scan it in the computer and throw the initial app in a box dated with the month and year. That is the only filing we do. This saves us alot of money on staff because there is no filing to be done and all information is available to any one with one click of the computer button.